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I am sure that you have heard all of the fuss about Lump Sum Profits and how it cam make you a ton of money.

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Well I have to admit that I have tried this course and really like it. Before I bought the course I tried to sell one of my websites (please see my case study). I have little to no interest and only a top bid of $30. I bought the course part way though the my auction and after my auction closed I made a few small changes and relisted the site for sale. Mind you that I relisted the site the same day.

My Net result was that I sold the site for $240. Now not the $1,000 that Ryan talks about, but the site was not generating huge income. (Please see Case Study)

In Summary if you are looking for some great tricks and secrets to the trade, this course has it. It is so unlike any other course online and one that you truly can make money at.

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