Lump Sum Profits | Case Study

I as you was very curious about Ryan’s system, so I decided to sell one of my sites. This is my case study of his course and what I did right and wrong. (please note, because I no longer own the site, I am not going to disclose the name of the site or the actual link for the auction of the site out of privacy)

My website established on February 11, 2011. I built the website in a manner of minutes using Worpress and its default theme. The content was rewritten articles to make them unique, total number of articles placed on the site was 5. Each Article was given it’s own page to help with SEO.

Using some great plugins and some backlinking (all I describe in my FREE report, please sign up on my mailing list to get this report) I was able to get the website ranking on the first page of Google within a couple of days.

The site stayed between first and second page of Google for 5 months when I decided to sell it.

Let’s look at some numbers

– had my site ranked #8 for my primary keyword

– $108.60 in affiliate sales (Clickbank) [Total from the start]

– $33.03 in Commissions from Amazon. [Total from the start]

– $8.84 in income or $2.95 average per click, from Adsense. Which has only been installed for a couple about a week.

Since Creation (February 11, 2011) –  2,525 Page Views 
- 1,873 Uniques

I sold the site for $240. Now not the $1,000 that I was hoping for I will admit, but still a really good return on my small investment of time and some backlinks. All of which were paid for in the income generated from the site while I owned it.

My mistakes on this site were very clear. I needed more income from adsense. By only installing it right before the auction I limited the number of buyers willing to bid.

Most (not all) buyers want to see adsense revenue. As this revenue is “pure” and does not require customer support. Ad revenue is more predictable than Amazon or Clickbank and thus more dependable.

I sold the site for over 27x the adsense revenue and only on 1  to 2 weeks of revenue numbers.

Lump Sum Profits is a great course for those of us who want to make some money in lump sums and not have it drip in a pennies a day. I made my mistakes on the site and listing of the site. Ones that I will learn from and not repeat when I sell some of my other projects in the coming months.

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